Harvey Tiles Zimbabwe

Suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications

Harvey Tiles Zimbabwe

Marching in Jason Moyo

Harvey Tiles Zimbabwe

Community meeting held in 2017

Harvey Tiles Zimbabwe

2017 Harare Agricultural Show Stand

Harvey Tiles Zimbabwe

Clean up campaign in Harare Central Business District

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A roof without Harveytile is like a mouse without a computer or vice versa.

All colours are available.

Harveytiles are top notch, lightweight  and have stood the test of time. With elegance, colour diversity and many other merits. They are very strong and do not damage in transit. 

Design Aesthetics

Each steel tile is designed and manufactured for strength. The unique overlapping system and fixing technique provide not only a leak proof roof but also burglar proofing. 


Harvey tile carry a 30 year manufacturer`s structural warrantee. Our paint has been UV stabilized and therefore we guarantee the colour for 15 years. After that you can repaint the tiles.

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