Harvey tiles are state of the art and lightweight steel roofing tiles that have stood the test of time. With elegance, color diversity and many other merits, Harvey tiles are lightweight but very strong thus are easy to transport without any damage being incurred.

About Us


Since 1967 Harvey Products have been manufacturing steel roofing tiles and accessories and from modest beginnings their products through high quality and service have evolved into one of the sturdiest and most attractive roofing system available on the market.

Safety and Occupational Health

All general workers are issued with safety clothing that is work suits and industrial gloves and all staff at HARVEYTILE have been instructed on how to use fire extinguishers in case of a fire.


HARVETILE recently sponsored a local church with trophies and chess sets for a big soccer tournament. For the community we want to erect a shelter using our own HARVEYTILES at Harare Central Hospital.

Environemntal Considerations

Harveytile does not cause any environmental risks to both humans and nature because we do not use any dangerous chemicals or offensive materials.


Our goal is to become market leaders in the provision of quality roof tiles and accessories by becoming your suppliers of first choice tiles


Mission Statement

We take pride in  providing a professional service with honesty and integrity in supplying quality roof tiles and accessories second to none in Zimbabwe.